TECH+ is the ultimate technology showcase for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Now in its seventh year, the one-day event is where the AEC community comes to stay informed on the most cutting-edge technologies and trends that are driving the industry forward. Covering a comprehensive range of topics including the latest advances in software, fabrication, cloud solutions, AI, and more; TECH+ is the go-to resource for anyone who wants to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Expanding on the success of previous years, TECH+ 2024 is partnering with AEC+Tech. Each event will include a full day of conversations and opportunities to network with leading technology experts. With this partnership, participating brands will gain added visibility to AEC+Tech’s highly engaged audience.

Join the conversation with like-minded brands showcasing transformative technologies that are revolutionizing the built environments of tomorrow.

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Targeted Industries

  • Architecture & Design
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Local Designers
  • Boutique Architects
  • Tech Start-Ups
  • Investors + Entrepreneurs
  • Building Technology Specialists

Covered Topics

  • Collaborative Tools for team integration and rapid project delivery
  • Emerging research from leading universities and industry R&D
  • The world of AEC Technology startups making the future our reality
  • Automation and its impact on computational design
  • and more!

Target Audience


Architects, Designers + Engineers Consultants


Founders, Fabricators, Manufacturers, Software & Hardware Developers


Owners, Developers, Real Estate Professionals, Contractors


Academics, Researchers, Students and Design Faculties.


Architects engineers construction managers, some of the biggest constructions firms I’ve ever talked to were here at the event. Also people from tech startups and consultants, a wide range of industries and a wide range of interest for our products and other products around us.

Cody Kessler Account Executive

TECH+ brings together world-class architects and engineers to discuss cutting-edge products within the built environment. We met some of the most engaged, relevant attendees we’ve ever seen at a conference, genuinely interested in sharing ideas to create a more sustainable, intelligent built world.

Sandeep Ahuja CEO & Co-Founder

TECH+ was one of the most relevant, targeted industry events CARMERA has participated in. Whether discussing solutions for specific problems with leading AEC practitioners, or broader themes core to our platform such as 3D mapping for autonomous vehicles, TechPlus attendees were as fluent, curious and engaged as we’ve seen.

Ro Gupta CEO

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