OpenAI’s Sora will advance renderings with a cinematic depth

Unlike the NFT craze of 2020, a fire that burnt out quite quickly, it seems like the rage centering AI’s world takeover, a similarly feared practice, has become accepted and less scary, at least for now. OpenAI, one of the largest software companies for text-to-image AI, is now readying to launch Sora, an AI program

Frank Lloyd Wright’s paper architecture comes to life at the Westmoreland

Fallingwater is one of his most notable buildings, but there’s a good chance you don’t know the other half of Frank Lloyd Wright’s oeuvre. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern Pennsylvania, hosted at the Westmoreland Museum of Art, explores both realized works and paper architecture, including a residential highrise, a parking garage, and the white elephant of

Zahner’s ImageLines produces painting-like perforations on metal

Perforating any metal object adds both visual interest and texture. A new offering from A. Zahner Company allows architects and designers to detail metal panels for facades, walls, signage, and other building applications with a perforation style that renders a painting-like appearance. Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post Zahner’s ImageLines produces painting-like perforations

The show-stopping interiors of Las Vegas’s Sphere are revealed

It’s hard to pinpoint the Las Vegas Sphere’s main attraction. Is it the headline performances in its 17,600-seat auditorium, its glowing exoskeleton, or its recently unveiled, almost supernatural interiors? In addition to its outdoor surface totaling 580,00 square feet of glowing illumination, 300,000 square feet of interior space was outfitted to match suit. ICRAVE, a

Antoine Bertin’s installation for SFER IK listens in on bats

In the midst of the Mayan Jungle in Mexico, French artist Antoine Bertin is set to develop an AI-integrated installation The Bat Cloud that serves as a bat habitat and a public listening space for exploring bat language through artificial intelligence. The installation was the winning submission to an open-call from AZULIK and interdisciplinary arts

ACADIA offered presentations on bioengineering, craft, and information

Habits of the Anthropocene ACADIA 2023 University of Colorado Denver October 21–28 Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post ACADIA’s <em>Habits of the Anthropocene</em> offered imaginative presentations on bioengineering, craft, and information appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan rejects Populous-designed Sphere

You get a sphere! You may get a sphere! You don’t get a sphere… A ruling yesterday from London mayor Sadiq Khan may have confirmed the fate of London’s version of a Populous-designed Sphere: Decision refused. Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post London Mayor Sadiq Khan rejects planning application for Populous-designed Sphere in Stratford

USDA rolls out 2023 Plant Hardiness Zone Map

This week the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an updated version of its Plant Hardiness Zone Map (PHZM)—a datum used by gardeners and farmers to determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a given location. Today, approximately 80 million growers in the United States and its “territories” depend on PHZM to help

West Hollywood could get an LED orb on Sunset Boulevard

“Bill-ding Boards”—a term coined by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown in their 1984 book A View from the Campidoglio—are very in these days. A Bill-ding Board is what it sounds like: a building whose facade effectively functions as a billboard (building + billboard=Bill-ding Board), typically sited on a major thoroughfare or prominent public space. The Sphere

A visitor center is planned for Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome home

Buckminster Fuller debuted his geodesic dome concept at the 1954 Milan Triennale as a large cardboard model. The showcase turned into a career-long examination of spherical housing prototypes and energy efficient building methods. Fuller eventually resided in one of his realized designs for several years. Today, the nonprofit that runs “Bucky Dome,” Fuller’s residence from

AN asked DALL·E to realize Halloween houses by architects

Happy Halloween! To celebrate spooky season AN editors have asked text-to-image generator DALL·E to design Halloween-themed houses by famous architects, in true DALL·E fashion some of the results are nightmarish reproductions of recognizable architectural styles, while others are more subdued structures with an assortment of jack-o-lanterns on the front lawn and an orange glow beaming

The Sphere opens in Las Vegas. What does it mean for architecture?

An early episode of SpongeBob SquarePants contained a particularly moving scene. Upon seeing Patrick Star approached by the dangerous Man Ray, a villain who had kidnapped Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, our hero calls out, “Not so fast, archvillain. We still have the Orb of Confusion!” The Orb of Confusion was a simple blue glass

Ways to reduce emissions in the manufacturing of building materials

Greenhouse gas emissions fuel global warming. How can we accurately reduce them? Measurements are a good place to start, and we currently track them across three distinct scopes: (1) direct emissions; (2) indirect, owned emissions; and (3) all other indirect emissions, upstream and downstream. It’s often not an expertise that companies possess internally, so a

Unpacking what it means to design safe shade

AGENCY Architecture is located in El Paso, Texas, and our work has focused largely on ideas that shape our border-adjacent desert context, with a particular sensitivity to social issues, ecological instability, and resource depletion. Current work is looking at the Chihuahuan Desert—a unique and uniquely challenged binational territory that crosses the U.S.-Mexico border. Here, climate

Olivier Campagne turns his expert eye to Midjourney

Olivier Campagne operates a digital-image studio in Paris. Educated as an architect, he has spent decades making renderings. Recently, he began creating AI images using Midjourney and posting them on a dedicated Instagram account, @oliver_country. The images advance the architectural imagination he’s been exploring in commissions from European architects like Bruther, Baukunst, and Arrhov Frick.

At MAK in Vienna, /imagine resuscitates an early-internet optimism

/imagine: A Journey into The New Virtual MAK Exhibition Hall Vienna Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post At MAK in Vienna, <em>/imagine</em> resuscitates an early-internet optimism appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.

Peter Cook’s recent show explores what lies beyond modernity

In Issue 8 of their published manifestos, Archigram noted that over time they had become increasingly concerned with matters relating to the human experience: “comfort, facility, satisfaction, enquiry, and above all the effect of all kinds of phenomena upon each other.” Upon entering Peter Cook’s recent show at the Richard Saltoun Gallery, this fascination with

Morpholio has updated its Trace app to pair with RoomPlan

Gone are the days when architects needed to rely on tape measures, or even laser scanning devices, to take measurements of a space and create a digital 3D model. A leapfrog came in June 2022 when Apple unveiled RoomPlan, an expansion to its ARKit 2.0 augmented reality feature for iPhones and iPads that uses the

TECH+ made its return to L.A. with a dive into technological forecasting

This past June, TECH+ returned to Los Angeles in-person for the first time since early 2020. The world has changed significantly since 2020, yet nonetheless, AEC technologies continue to evolve, becoming more established in the practices of firms big and small and offering new solutions to age-old problems. Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The

Refik Anadol lights up MSG’s Las Vegas sphere with collages

Earlier this summer a new entertainment venue slash billboard opened on the Las Vegas Strip dubbed the Exosphere.  The Populous-designed piece is the “largest LED screen on earth.” Since it opened, Exosphere has projected an unnervingly realistic, blinking eyeball; basketball-themed graphics; and a fireworks show across its surface. Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The

Firms develop ceramic prototypes for at Boston Valley Terra Cotta workshop

Since 2016, Boston Valley Terra Cotta has partnered with the University of Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning and Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture to host the annual Architectural Ceramics Assemblies Workshop (ACAW). During the weeklong event, eight teams, composed of paired design and engineering firms, collaborate to create facade prototypes using architectural terra-cotta. Continue

Duravit AG to design “world’s first climate-neutral” ceramic production facility

Duravit AG, a German design bathroom manufacturer, announced plans to build the “world’s first climate-neutral ceramic production facility” in the Canadian province of Québec. The company described the enterprise as a “quantum leap towards a sustainable future” in a press release.  Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post Duravit AG has plans to design

Worldcoin’s designer orbs will scan your eyes for cryptocurrency

You can now visit the World Trade Center and have your eyes scanned by a polished orb designed by former Apple product designer and Jony Ive–hire Thomas Meyerhoffer, which will prove that you are not a robot and provide you with cryptocurrency. Meyerhoffer’s basketball-sized orb was designed for the Sam Altman and Alex Blania–led Worldcoin

Elon Musk rolls out X and might’ve forgotten to file his building permits

Elon Musk is still busy. Since he began his takeover of Twitter (now X Corp.) last year, Musk has shown little satisfaction for how the deal went down, the alleged presence of bots, going rounds in Delaware’s Chancery Court, and now, its branding.  Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post Elon Musk rolls out

ICON and BIG complete their first 3D-printed model home in Georgetown, Texas

3D printing company ICON opened its first model home for the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)–designed single family development as part of Wolf Ranch in Georgetown, Texas this past weekend. Located north of Austin, the development, built by Lennar, has a layout familiar to suburbanites across the U.S. The catch is that all 100 homes are 3D-printed

KAGAMI fuses dimensional art with classical music

Look for a red cube. Do you see it?  Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post <em>KAGAMI</em>, on view at The Shed, fuses dimensional art with classical music appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.

TECH+ will host a one-day conference in Los Angeles on June 28

For the first time in the event’s seven-year history, TECH+, presented by AN and aec+tech, will come to Los Angeles. Featuring the latest in AEC technology, the conference includes a full-day symposium and an exhibition of cutting-edge technology products. The event will be held at the LINE LA and will be co-chaired by Niknaz Aftahi, founder