“By Design” sweeps brand and marketing awards

On July 19th, GRAPHISOFT’S “By Design” series amassed a series of recognitions from Architectural Record, the Academy of Interactive & Visual Artists (AIVA), and the Summit International Award (SIA). The awards, such as Best Branded Content Series from SIA and Highest Social Media Management from Architectural Record, highlight the series’ strength in both publishing and marketing.

GRAPHISOFT’S “By Design” explores the evolution of ArchiCAD in tandem with technological growth (Courtesy GRAPHISOFT)

“By Design,” which just launched its second season, covers two themes within the AEC industry: the creative methodology of industry leaders, and the evolution of ArchiCAD as an indispensable tool for technological advances.

Footage consists of interviews with leaders of AEC firms, including Luke Ogrydziak of Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects and Allison Cooke of Core architecture & design among others, discussing the role of building information modeling in the creation of new architectural designs along with the exploration of new architectural templates.

In a statement, GRAPHISOFT North American Managing Director Tracey Gatland describes the series as “opening conversations about how technological advances such as BIM merge with architecture to positively impact the world around us,” giving the “the viewer a glimpse of what is possible with ArchiCAD and its ecosystem.”

GRAPHISOFT launched in 1984 with the release of ArchiCAD, the revolutionary building information modeling software that has fundamentally impacted the AEC industry.