image of the building at sunset, the Hans Rosling Center, clad in glass fins

The Hans Rosling Center’s glass and aluminum fins embody the university’s health initiative

July 1, 2021
Image of Arroyo Bridge spanning an L.A. Canyon

The Arroyo Bridge spans an L.A. canyon with a robot-fabricated steel structure

June 21, 2021
artwork of an explosion in a forest scene on the LED billboard of wiscombe's sunset spectacular

Tom Wiscombe Architecture’s Sunset Spectacular harnesses aerospace engineering for a 21st-century billboard

May 14, 2021
Image of a dog within the Fetch House

This 3D-printed doghouse can hold up to 1,000 tennis balls

April 6, 2020
seattle skyline

Trial run of high-powered security scanners proposed for Seattle plaza

December 28, 2018

Innovation Campus promises to attract global manufacturing to Pittsburgh

December 21, 2018
Still from Project Correl

Zaha Hadid Architects launches a collaborative VR experiment

December 14, 2018

This algae facade curtain naturally filters polluted air

December 10, 2018

$100 million solution could save San Francisco’s Millennium Tower

December 4, 2018

Flexible 3-D-printed cement stretches the possibilities of concrete

December 3, 2018

A Danish consortium is advancing the possibilities of concrete formwork

November 26, 2018

New virtual reality program could transform historic preservation

November 17, 2018

This gravity-powered battery could be the future of energy storage

November 12, 2018