ORDERFOX launches CNC Woodworking marketplace

ORDERFOX, the Lichtenstein-based online platform for the CNC industry is now expanding its services to the CNC Woodworking marketplace.

Launched in 2017, ORDERFOX allows for the seamless order of CNC goods across the world. Specifically, this expansion into CNC Woodworking will allow for buyers to directly place orders for customized furniture or wood parts.

ORDERFOX’S job search engine

The online platform for the CNC industry also comprehensively maps companies and job opportunities globally, providing highly detailed filters ranging from company size to technical certification. This engine can be utilized by CNC manufacturers to easily search for job opportunities matching their technical strengths, or locate partners for projects that require additional machinery and manufacturing capacity.

Through membership with ORDERFOX, companies can list comprehensive profiles. According to ORDERFOX, “companies can present their fleet of machines, references, certifications,” and an overview of their capabilities and tools.

For further information, check out ORDERFOX.COM