San Francisco-based Monograph promises architects a seamless project-planning platform

In 2018, San Francisco-based software company Monograph launched its project-planning platform, Dashboard for Architects. The objective of the platform is to shift the myriad planning tools used by architects to a singular and cohesive application.

The Dashboard for Architects allows firms to manage their practice and projects in a visually straightforward format, with an emphasis on simplicity and the development of tools that will be frequently used by AEC stakeholders.

Monograph maps out the working hours of each employee associated with a project (Courtesy Monograph)

Monograph’s online platform begins with a dashboard providing an overview of your projects. The overview tracks the hours spent by each employee involved with a particular project.

During the beta-phase of production, Monograph partnered with a variety of firms to construct a dashboard that is suitable for studios of all sizes.

For the management of individual projects, Monograph allows each project to be divided into a series of tasks assigned to individuals or teams. Progress on each task is mapped out along with the total number of working hours spent completing them.

Tasks are easily assigned and tracked for each employee (Courtesy Monograph)

To keep up-to-date tabs on staffing expenses of individual projects in relation to overall revenue, the platform lists the duration of each project, the firm’s fee and its percentage of the overall project budget.

Three architects, Robert Yuen, Alex Dixon and Moe Amaya, founded Monograph. The team has racked up years of experience across architecture and software firms, ranging from to Gensler.