Store item page (Sketchfab)

Sketchfab rolls out 3D model marketplace

Sketchfab, an online platform for the publication and exchange of 3D models and content, has just launched the Sketchfab store. The store, which has been operating in beta up to this point, will allow the 1.8 million member community to effectively monetize and share their 3D products.

Since launching in 2012, the Sketchfab platform has hosted approximately 3 million 3D models created by members of its community.

The online market place provides an in-depth evaluation of products (Sketchfab)

The online marketplace provides an in-depth evaluation of 3D models through its “Model Inspector” simulation. This simulation, which also supports VR and AR, allows for users to review a wide range of 3D models in real-time.

For producers, the use of Sketchfab offers an expedited sale process. Since customers are able to inspect models, preview exactly what they are purchasing in 3D (rather than 2D screenshots or renders),explore assets, meshes, textures, UV maps, and more, 3D developers are able to skip the presentation process and can respond directly to interested buyers.

Search results present a wide range of products (Sketchfab)

Alban Denoyel, Co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab states that “the store allows for our extraordinarily talented community to easily monetize their work on a single platform, while the model inspector takes the guesswork out of 3D model purchases.”

Outside of the “Model Inspector” simulation, Sketchfab provides a straightforward information template for all of the products sold through the platform. Customers can clearly discern the licensing, format, size and digital geometry of each product.