At MAK in Vienna, /imagine resuscitates an early-internet optimism

/imagine: A Journey into The New Virtual MAK Exhibition Hall Vienna Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post At MAK in Vienna, <em>/imagine</em> resuscitates an early-internet optimism appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.

Peter Cook’s recent show explores what lies beyond modernity

In Issue 8 of their published manifestos, Archigram noted that over time they had become increasingly concerned with matters relating to the human experience: “comfort, facility, satisfaction, enquiry, and above all the effect of all kinds of phenomena upon each other.” Upon entering Peter Cook’s recent show at the Richard Saltoun Gallery, this fascination with

Morpholio has updated its Trace app to pair with RoomPlan

Gone are the days when architects needed to rely on tape measures, or even laser scanning devices, to take measurements of a space and create a digital 3D model. A leapfrog came in June 2022 when Apple unveiled RoomPlan, an expansion to its ARKit 2.0 augmented reality feature for iPhones and iPads that uses the

TECH+ made its return to L.A. with a dive into technological forecasting

This past June, TECH+ returned to Los Angeles in-person for the first time since early 2020. The world has changed significantly since 2020, yet nonetheless, AEC technologies continue to evolve, becoming more established in the practices of firms big and small and offering new solutions to age-old problems. Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The

Refik Anadol lights up MSG’s Las Vegas sphere with collages

Earlier this summer a new entertainment venue slash billboard opened on the Las Vegas Strip dubbed the Exosphere.  The Populous-designed piece is the “largest LED screen on earth.” Since it opened, Exosphere has projected an unnervingly realistic, blinking eyeball; basketball-themed graphics; and a fireworks show across its surface. Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The

Duravit AG to design “world’s first climate-neutral” ceramic production facility

Duravit AG, a German design bathroom manufacturer, announced plans to build the “world’s first climate-neutral ceramic production facility” in the Canadian province of Québec. The company described the enterprise as a “quantum leap towards a sustainable future” in a press release.  Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post Duravit AG has plans to design

KAGAMI fuses dimensional art with classical music

Look for a red cube. Do you see it?  Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post <em>KAGAMI</em>, on view at The Shed, fuses dimensional art with classical music appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.

TECH+ will host a one-day conference in Los Angeles on June 28

For the first time in the event’s seven-year history, TECH+, presented by AN and aec+tech, will come to Los Angeles. Featuring the latest in AEC technology, the conference includes a full-day symposium and an exhibition of cutting-edge technology products. The event will be held at the LINE LA and will be co-chaired by Niknaz Aftahi, founder

A mass timber tower underwent a shake test to investigate its seismic resiliency

On May 9, dozens gathered to watch as a ten-story tower in northeast San Diego juddered and swayed under the forces of back-to-back simulated earthquakes. The building, an experimental mockup of a mass timber tall building, was built atop the Large High Performance Outdoor Shake Table at UC San Diego. The so-called table to which

For an exhibition researchers establish new column styles with 3D-printed clay

RE-ordering architecture UsagiNY 163 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, New York Through May 25 Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post For <em>rE-ordering architecture</em>, four researchers establish new column styles with 3D-printed clay appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.

Shape to Fabrication offered a sense of what’s next for architectural software

Shape to Fabrication Simply Rhino University of Westminster April 26–27 Continue reading on The Architect’s Newspaper The post <em>Shape to Fabrication</em> offered attendees a sense of what’s next for architectural software—and a glimpse of Rhino 8 appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.

Architects imagine collective rebuilding of Detroit through a design-build workshop

There are nearly 7,000 structures undergoing a shared process of repair in the city of Detroit. This number reflects the amount of previously abandoned houses people have purchased from the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) and are currently renovating into livable homes under the guidelines of the DLBA’s compliance program. Within this milieu of construction,

Super Nintendo World is a visual feast of worldbuilding, nostalgia, and gamification

Like a lab rat who can’t shake his cocaine addiction, I mercilessly bashed my Power-Up Wristband™ against a golden question mark block to hear that familiar Mario coin sound. Joined by photographer Iwan Baan, who looked on in curious but loving horror, I bathed in the dopamine fountain of nostalgic immersion. Super Nintendo World™ at

Geo Week 2023 dishes latest in digital documentation

Conferences appear to be back to nearly full swing based on attendance numbers and foot traffic at Geo Week 2023, held last February 11–13 at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. Billing itself as “the Intersection of Geospatial and the Built World,” Geo Week 2023 saw its attendance rise 44 percent over last year,

A case of mistaken identity leads artist to commission conceptual bank designs

In March 2015, Jamie Diamond, a photo-based artist, received an email from one Richard “Dick” Stanley. Mistaking Diamond for Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., Stanley stated that he had been a Chase customer in Columbus, Ohio, since 1996, but had recently moved to Albuquerque, where he had to bank long-distance. He

Installation demonstrates the promise of a new degree at Penn

A new degree program at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design is already beginning to bear fruit in the world. Deep Relief, a large-scale sculptural wall installation, was recently completed by students in the school’s Master of Science in Design: Robotic and Autonomous Systems (MSD-RAS) program. It is installed in the atrium

Architects design cultural venues for a Silk Road metaverse

Four architecture firms have envisioned virtual words for, a metaverse platform that invites users and brands to host and attend live events, including concerts, gallery exhibitions, business conferences, and more. Each of the firms, Grimshaw, HWKN, Farshid Moussavi and WHY, has designed a Metaserai, a trade and culture destination, hosted within, that takes

A new website from BIG has us missing the early 2000s like whoa

Earlier this month, BIG debuted a new website. The change, announced on Twitter yesterday, noted that the firm’s original website was made during the 2000s Flash era: Our original website was conceived during the flash era nearly 20 years ago! Check out the new which reflects our built… Read More… The post A new

Why write about architecture? ChatGPT has ideas.

The updated version of ChatGPT, released last month, has launched a thousand thinkpieces about how artificial intelligence (AI) should be used. This chat bot, powered by OpenAI, responds to questions via text with conversational answers. It has been trained using the internet, and though it doesn’t answer questions using hate speech, it has internalized the

Las Vegas helps us understand how virtual environments fall short

A few months ago, I visited Las Vegas for the fourth time. Not much has changed: It is still a battleground of corporate brands vying for attention. Do you want to buy a Prada bag in Venice, see a concert from hologram Michael Jackson, or try one of Taco Bell’s new Cantina Margaritas? Architecture supports

This Revit plugin helps architects pick materials with less embodied carbon

A new plugin for Revit offers architects the opportunity to make informed material choices for building designs that put carbon reduction at front of mind. Tally Climate Action Tool, or tallyCAT for short, is a free open-access digital tool launched by nonprofit organization Building Transparency, Perkins&Will, and C-Change Labs. Work on Tally began in the

NASA awards ICON contract to continue research on lunar habitation

Just weeks after ICON, the 3D printing technology company, broke ground on what is slated to be the largest 3D printed neighborhood, the Texas-based company is using its expertise and construction systems on an even larger project: lunar habitation. Yesterday, NASA, through its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program dolled out a nearly $60 million

Hood Design Studio creates an inhabitable landscape for NVIDIA’s campus

In California, the ideal of indoor-outdoor living has never loosened its hold. Even with ever-pressing environmental issues and ballooning population growth, the dream of a seamless integration between inside and out continues to captivate designers and clients alike. Three recent landscape projects in the Bay Area demonstrate this fact, while also illustrating the particularities of

ICON and BIG break ground on the world’s largest 3D-printed community

Texas-based 3D technology company ICON,  has broken ground on what will become the world’s largest 3D-printed community. The neighborhood located North of Austin in Georgetown, Texas will consist of 100 3D-printed homes codesigned by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and implemented by Lennar, a large construction company based out of Florida, was first announced in 2021.

2022 ACADIA covers extra-disciplinary collaboration and artificial intelligence

It’s easy to leave a week jam-packed with cutting-edge research feeling optimistic about the various futures that the architectural discipline holds before us. But maybe that optimism has less to do with the power of any one standout or breakthrough (though there were many) and more about what it means to come together—in person, finally!—to

TECH+ returns to NYC on October 21

On Friday October 21, The Architect’s Newspaper presents TECH+ NYC. This forum celebrates the quantum leap of technology transforming the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries. The full-day event is a continuation of our national Tech+ conference series, featuring case studies and firms from across the country. Back in person for the first time since

Microsoft will launch an AI graphics app powered by DALL•E

This summer text-to-image Artificial Intelligence (AI) softwares DALL∙E and Midjourney rose in popularity among architects, artists, and designers. With just a few descriptive keywords and phrases the models are able to collage together a visual representation of the input text using its memory database of visuals. While the results are sometimes memeable, the engineers are

The 2022 ACADIA conference will explore new modes of practice

After two years of completely virtual events, the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) is returning to in-person proceedings for the first time since the onset of the Covid pandemic. While it was fitting that architecture’s technology caucus hosted online conferences that skirted Zoom fatigue with an interesting interface and meaningful content, there

Leah Wulfman shares their work, making buildings from digital garbage

A river so polluted it becomes cleansed—we are swimming amid trash. A land undisturbed by rainbows of gasoline—we are surrounded by toxic beauty ablaze. This summer, I have been using Midjourney to make buildings that appear just out of the realm of possibility and just out of the realm of the present. The results are