A Matter Design-made walking concrete system

Matter Design looks to the past to design a more animated architecture

July 7, 2020
A large black architectural model on a colorful carpet

Space Popular showcases 500 years of architectural media at RIBA with VR

March 6, 2020
A portrait of a man in a suit and glasses in front of a lawn and buildings; Dennis Shelden

A Q+A with Dennis Shelden, RPI’s Center for Architecture Science and Ecology new director

February 28, 2020
A render of a cityscape of Gaza with photos showing smoke from bombs floating above.

TECH+ talks to Eyal Weizman about tech in truth-telling ahead of Forensic Architecture’s first U.S. survey

February 20, 2020
A white building with large lit letters reading ARTLAB.

Barkow Leibinger and Sasaki create a radiant, net-zero ArtLab for Harvard

February 17, 2020
The slightly-faceted facade of a building with a blue-ish scratch patterned solar panel.

Kiki and Joost design patterned panels to help make solar facades as commonplace as bricks or wood

February 13, 2020
An image of a timber-finned kiosk on the harbor front with skyscrapers visible in the background and a statue visible in front. Overlayed on the picture is the wooden fins both open and closed.

This seaside kiosk in Hong Kong uses robotics armatures for a cinematic effect

February 6, 2020
A person using an iPad to view AR effects over a model of the BAMPFA.

Luisa Caldas uses AR to let DS+R’s BAMPFA tell its own story

February 3, 2020
A segment of a gray tower with lattice designs at center on top of a wider gray building.

Sidewalk Labs unveils digital model for the world’s tallest timber tower

January 31, 2020
A tall building with a sweepiing facade made of interlocking white Ts, designed by Morphosis. The building continues at a lower height as a undulating gray roof with some irregular fenestration.

Morphosis’s Kerenza Harris talks tech and integration

January 29, 2020
A black-and-white photo of a woman in a dark suit smiling and holding papers.

Upali Nanda uses neuroscience to understand buildings as living organisms

January 24, 2020
A render of an enclosed space with people with VR headsets and a hologram-like figure in the center.

New Museum and Onassis USA will launch a mixed reality lab in Leong Leong–designed space

January 14, 2020
A procedurally generated neighborhood drawing

Sidewalk Labs is using machine learning to make neighborhood design smoother

January 13, 2020
A render of a city with sloping roofs glowing at night in front of a snow-capped mountain.

BIG’s first project in Japan is a high-tech mobility incubator for Toyota

January 7, 2020
A rendering of a curving white and green tower in an intersection.

Studio Symbiosis proposes green, air-purifying towers for polluted Delhi

January 3, 2020
A concrete cube pavilion with puzzle piece–like panels that has bulbous forms made of white circles growing out of it.

Gerardo Broissin creates a lush microclimate inside a puzzle pavilion

January 2, 2020
A gray house-like building with many transparent domes embedded in a public square.

Obra Architects creates self-contained, yearlong spring in Seoul

December 23, 2019
A top down view of colorful metal bands forming columns and circular open roofs, designed by SOFTlab

SOFTlab used complex computation to realize a colorful Philly installation

December 17, 2019
An iPhone that shows floating bottles and other digital artifacts with white text on black scribbles that reads "Boss: you're late Me: I saw a dog Boss: you said that yesterday Me: he lives in my house”

Curatorial collective augments MoMA with an AR exhibition

December 15, 2019
A curving concrete facade with thin, tall windows that was 3D-printed by Apis Cor

Apis Cor claims to have created the largest on-site 3D-printed building

December 5, 2019
A yellow four-legged robot dog on a construction site, one of the Spot models from Boston Dynamics

Roaming robot dogs could streamline jobsite documentation

December 3, 2019
A white panel over a plexi platform that has various wires with fans, a phone, and other devices connected

Canadian architecture collaborative designs a low-power panel to integrate tech

November 27, 2019
A top-down view of a white plastic tile with a 3D map of a city.

Boston architects come together to make a 3D-printable map of the city

November 26, 2019
Four 3D-printed blocks, two gray stacked, the top with a dent, at right a gray block with a dent over a broken yellow block. These demonstrate the structures of Tubulanes

3D printing nano-tech inspired forms could lead to stronger, lighter buildings

November 22, 2019
Topdown look at students at work on tables at Cornell

Cornell forms new interdisciplinary collaboration to teach students about digital design

November 21, 2019
Two figurines in front of a green glowing plant

MIT researchers think glowing plants could reshape our relationship to the built environment

November 14, 2019
Aerial rendering of a floor clad in "Granito," recycled terrazzo

French researcher “quarries” on site for a new type of recycling and restoration

November 12, 2019
A person stands under an elliptical skeleton of hexagons that are glowing purple, designed by Jenny Sabin

Jenny Sabin’s installation for Microsoft responds to occupants’ emotions

November 8, 2019
A night shot of a white fish and chips restaurant with doors opened to the street.

Unknown Works uses 3D scanning to replicate fish and chips shops in Chengdu

November 6, 2019